3Dami - Second Coming
About a month late on mentioning this, but better late than never! Much like last year I was again involved in running 3Dami. Indeed, this time we moved it to UCL, where I work, which meant I got the 'pleasure' of doing most of the paperwork:-/

Anyway, this year we super-sized and had two teams of college students - they created the two following videos in 7 days:

It ran much the same as last year, though we had lesson plans, detailed documentation and teaching materials this year, not to mention the experience of last year - it ran a lot smoother!

All the details are, as ever, on the website, and given we have had two successful years running this we are now pushing for expansion, to take this country-wide. If anyone is interested feel free to get into contact, either with me directly or via the 3Dami email address on the website.