This happened a little while back now, but when a conference is coming up and for a short time afterwards I like to keep whatever I have at that conference as the first item on my website, so anyone visiting finds it immediately.

Anyway, I helped run a summer school that taught 3D animation, called 3Dami, using Blender. I basically did two jobs - getting, and keeping, the computer systems running (Including a custom file server and Xubuntu booting from a USB stick, with all the needed software setup.) and writing the render farm software; and I was also responsible for helping the students when they got stuck, solving problems and otherwise making sure they reached the end within the available time. It actually all worked out, much to my surprise, and we got a group of kids to make a decent animation with just 7 days of work:

All the details are on the website, and I am looking forward to us running it again next year!