There is going to be a delay before the next release of Cyclops, for a variety of reasons which I shall not go into. I am aiming to add a mesh simplification algorithm to it as a matter of convenience for this next release however; primarily because Blenders current capability for handling large meshes are terrible, both for visualising them and for simplifying them such that you can painlessly visualise them. As for editing them, its like shooting yourself in the foot, growing it back, and then doing it all over again. I also hope to spend some quality time with the manual, tutorials are a touch out of date now, and need updating. Plus its still mostly empty;-)

In the mean time, I was creating a 'realistic' video using Cyclops, but I've decided to start again on that, as I was overly ambitious in my choice of character considering my animation capabilities. The new version will involve tentacles - far easier to do! Before then I've stuck up the now obsolete set (Has nowhere for tentacles!) in my photos section. It shows the original photo and the edited version - the edited version has sky replacement, extra trees and allows arbitrary 3D objects to be dropped in and cast shadows. Its not perfect by any measure - lighting is off and I hadn't hidden all the artefacts. But I was intending to hide that with clever camera work and object placement. I should also state that it uses the old stereopsis algorithm and the camera calibration isn't too good, so its not the best example of what Cyclops can do.

Go (Link broken - sorry) to have a look.