HBP Video
Ok, fixed that Hierarchical Belief Propagation bug, it was a one liner, and took less than 5 minutes once I actually sat down and did it. I won't upload a fixed version of Cyclops just yet, might get time to improve some more stuff before this weekend is out. But a new version will be up by the end of Sunday.

In the mean time, I've created a video using the new algorithm. For my scene I've used a stereo pair of a shed from my previous house, its a highly textured object which, combined with this new algorithm, makes for an exceptionally sweet result. I additionally used a different lens (A Canon L series 17-40mm, if anyone cares.), my calibration for this lens is spot on and hence there is basically no calibration distortion in the output. In fact, I rotate around the scene by a full 90 degrees and it looks reasonable at both extremities.

So, here is the embedded Google video (now YouTube):

For the higher quality locally hosted version click here.