Gaussian Conjugate Priors and Random Forests
Just posting with two quick notes, about some arbitrary additions to my code repository, as accessible using the menu. Yup, I am somehow continuing to find the time to clean stuff up!

Firstly, I have added the code for the Gaussian Conjugate Prior cheat sheet that I previously published, under the directory gcp. This code actually proved to be useful, and I am effectively uploading it in anticipation of uploading the code that uses it - this version of the code has been extended from the original upload.

Secondly, I have stuck a random forests implementation up, under the name stochastic woodlands and in the directory swood. Its nothing special, but it works, and I thought I might as well make it publicly available.

The analytics for my website has recently shown a massive jump in the number of people visiting my code repository - its nice to know that people are finding this stuff useful:-) I still have lots of code lying around that can be polished and uploaded - given that I have now covered classification and topic models pretty well I think I am going to next focus on density estimation - I have three separate libraries worth uploading for that, at least in the short term, and I am going to work through them from simplest to most complicated (In terms of technique - the most complicated technique actually has the simplest code!). The code for a couple of papers is also going to need uploading sooner rather than later.