Dual Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
A week today ICCV will have started, so I am currently preparing to upload my code for it. As that code is an extension of the Dual Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes [DHDP] algorithm of X. Wang, K. T. Ma, G-W. Ng and W. E. L. Grimson I thought I should upload my implementation of that first. Which is to say you can now find an implementation in my Google code project. Its a bit rough, and very C++ heavy on account of the complex Gibbs sampling that needs to be done. As a bonus its also possible to switch off the 'Dual' part of it to get a straight HDP implementation, or at least something that is for all practical purposes equivalent.

Expect another post within the next week concerning my actual ICCV paper, and its associated code. I'll also upload a variational HDP implementation at some point - I worked out the maths a while ago as a learning exercise, but have not yet had the time to convert it into code (Only way to be sure I got the maths right! Plus it might prove useful someday:-) ).