My ugly head
As a quick demonstration of what Cyclops is capable of I tried using a pair of pictures taken of my head with Cyclops to create a 3D model of my head. The result as a Quicktime video can be seen here.

Its gone a bit wrong, but it is recognisably me, and could be cleaned up with minimal effort (retopo tool in Blender.), the version in the video has not had any part of the head edited. (The background matched badly, and obscured the face at one point, so I deleted that part.)

This was created by following the Dense Stereo tutorial, the only difference being that I calibrated the cameras differently to the usual method (Though the tutorial method should work fine, albeit would probably have to be done manually.) and that prior to Stereopsis I gave the photos to the Colour Matching tool, as the white balance of the two photos was rather different. The Stereopsis tool is rather sensitive to global colour changes.