Cleaned Cyclops Roofs
To show off the new disparity cleaner I have uploaded a (longer, slightly jumpier) remake of the earlier roofs video.


It looks quite a bit better than the earlier version, mostly because the spikes are no longer there. Masking this was quite a bit more complicated than previous, as I used the smoothing algorithm on it as well as the spike remover - the smoothers infilling behaviour goes right to the edge, which is not what you want. The disparity masker is designed so you can copy the mask from one map to another, editing it along the way, so this isn't a major problem, just a fiddly one. (A graphics tablet really helps here.) Unlike the previous version, which involved quite a lot of clean-up once in blender, I hardly had to touch this version, I only deleted one small region of pixels just under one of the roofs, where the shadow gives the Stereopsis algorithm insufficient information.