Cyclops: At Petes Request
Pete requested that I remake the earlier 3D model I made of myself, this being the version with a bad lip. So I did. I also used a 3D scan of my head made by a Cyberware head scanner thingamygig to create a (precisely aligned) mirror video so you can see exactly how bad it has done. I've perversely ended the videos on a side view, this being the worst view possible of the Cyclops generated me.

Anyway, the ground truth from the head scanner is here and the Cyclops output here.

If your wondering where the hair and eyeballs went in the ground truth version the head scanner isn't a major fan of either, so I deleted them. Also, the head scanner output was actually a full 360 degree scan, the version presented is rather the information available from the viewpoint of the input images, making it a farer comparison.