Download Cyclops
Note: Cyclops is now extremely old - it will still run, but it will be fiddly to do so.

To run Cyclops you need GTK installed. Under Linux this is almost a given, so I am going to ignore it. Under windows head over to the GIMP for windows site and get it there. Note that I have found that you also need to install The GIMP as well as GTK to get GTK working. As annoying as this may be, this is no major hardship, as the GIMP is a very powerful image editor.

Further to GTK, to read the manual you will need a PDF reader installed, Adobe Acrobat Reader being the usual option.

The program uses an image library called DevIL to handle image file formats. ( I have included it in the download. For Windows users it should work fine, however for Linux users it is a somewhat limited version. If you have problems loading/saving an image file you can try deleting from the programs directory and installing DevIL yourself. For Debian-based distros 'apt-get install libdevil-dev' will usually work. An rpm can be obtained from its website otherwise.

Current Linux 32 bit version is cyclops_lin32_08-09-22.tar.gz. This is complied under 32-bit x86 Ubuntu 8.04. I have to admit I am yet to work out how to do Linux distribution without providing source code, though this seems to work on several installs I've tried it on. If you want a build that works for your Linux contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Current Linux 64 bit version is cyclops_lin64_08-09-22.tar.gz. This is complied under 64-bit x86 Ubuntu 8.04. Unlike the other versions I do not provide devIL with this - you will have to install it yourself.

Current Windows version is

Note: For those who have just clicked straight through to here a warning:
Read the dammed manual! (Included in the download.)
You just won\'t get anywhere without it, unless you're me. And I don\'t remember cloning myself recently.

To comply with the LGPL I have provided the relevant code (I dynamically link exclusively.) to download: redist.tar.gz.