Cyclops Release #8
Well, seeing as today’s date is 7/7/7 I thought it would be the perfect time to do the... 8th release!

Haven't added masking support to the plane fitting algorithm unfortunately, so don't use it on images with masked areas. Of greater interest is the new stereo algorithm however, a hierarchical belief propagation approach which is far better than the previous dynamic programming approach. I've made it the default in the drop down list. The only warning is that this algorithm is far more memory intensive than the other one, so be careful how large an image you throw at it - if it is too big Cyclops will crash. Despite its added complexity its actually faster than the dynamic programming approach, though of course if it runs out of ram and starts thrashing it will take forever.

This new algorithm has only just been implemented, and there is a good chance I will be tweaking it some more and hopefully making it faster and better. But time shall tell, Cyclops has its own to-do list these days, and its several pages long.