Cyclops Sixth Release (Beta!)
Well, I do declare Cyclops to be beta! Not much has actually changed, there are still features missing, so it doesn't actually comply with my definition of beta, but it is 90% done, and reaching 100% would take me another year. And that is assuming I don't think of any further features in the mean time, which isn't exactly likely.

The main difference between this release and the last is that this version is entirely legal, or at least I think its legal. You can never be entirely sure in a world where you can patent the doubly linked list. (Ok, *that* patent I am violating.) Regardless, I'm not going to actually remove the password protection of this area yet, that will come sometime in the next week - I'ld just like to do a bit more on the manual and hopefully, though not likely, finish work on another demo video I'm producing. This video is a little different from the previous fares, where, unlike the previous, my intention is to keep it photo-realistic throughout. In other words its not a single evening job.

Anyway, to anyone with the username/password, if you want to distribute them to interested parties feel free, though it might be easier to just wait a few days.