Cyclops Release #11
Well, another 6 month gap, but a lot of new features. My focus right now is entirely on my PhD - nearly every new feature here has been added on its account. Ignoring bug fixes, of which there have been a fair few, the new features, that I can think of, are:
* A 'Pair To Default' tool has been added, which takes a pair file and translates and rotates the cameras such that the left one is at the origin and pointing down the z axis in the negative direction. The is the case for pair files created with fundamental calibration anyway, but not for pairs created from arbitrary cameras.

* A tool to calculate camera response functions has been added - this is needed for shape for shading and light estimation.

* Light source direction estimation has been added. This is a work in progress and I intend to publish the algorithm behind it shortly.

* A segmentation tool has been created, it has quite a nice selection of visualisations and can do both mean shift and k-mean based segmentations.

* A 'Re-lighter' tool has been added, which allows an image and its needle map to be re-lit using new light source. It also includes the ability to infer albedo given ground truth under the assumption of constant albedo, which is useful for preparing data for shape from shading algorithms.

* The shape from shading tool includes newer versions of my shape from shading algorithm.