Five Years of 3Dami
As tradition dictates here is my annual 3Dami post, about three months late. However, the lateness is advantageous, as there are now three things worth mentioning:

1. This years event was smaller than last year - we could not get the funding unfortunately. We still ran three teams at UCL, and whilst the budget was tight the event ran the same way it usually does. Further improvements were made to the process of running the event - we may not have mastered funding, but I think it's safe to say that after five years we have got pretty good at making films with college students. This was also the first year we went all out on Cycles - after last years experiment using the CS cluster we had the confidence to dial everything up to 11, with one team rendering frames that took as long as four hours. The final films are available on the 3Dami website.

2. I, alongside Peter and Monique, gave another talk on education at the Blender Conference 2016, this time on teaching younger students, or pre-3Dami students as I like to think of them;-) Here it is:

3. I finally got around to moving the custom render farm and asset manager we use as 3Dami from a zip file on the 3Dami website into a proper repository on GitHub: Render Farm Asset Manager. Its a little unusual, but hopefully others may start using it, and even contribute new code back to it!